Top view of a columnar Cu film made using ion-assisted chemical vapor deposition (Frank Ross).
Dewetting of single crystal Ni films initially patterned into squares of the same size but with different crystallographic orientations (Jongpil Ye).
Li2O2 discharge product in an Li-O2 battery, high discharge rate (Robert Mitchell).
Abnormal grain growth in a 300nm thick polycrystalline Ge film (Joyce Palmer).
A cracked RuO2 film after delithiation (Daniel Nezich).
Si nanowires made using block-copolymer lithography and metal-assisted chemical etching (Shih-Wei Chang).
Cross-sectional TEM image of a GaN high electron mobility transistor, HEMT. Inset: pit caused by electrochemical oxidation during device operation (Wardhana Sasangka).
Au nano-dots formed by dewetting of gold films on an Si substrate patterned with an array of pits with inverted pyramidal shapes (Tze Haw Liew).
Partially dewetted single crystal Ru film on sapphire (Max L'Etoile).
Li2O2 discharge product in an Li-O2 battery, low discharge rate (Robert Mitchell).
Integrated thin film batteries (Lin Thu Ye).